Monday, 4 May 2015

Tips for Marketing Success

How you’ll reshape your marketing going forward will depend a lot on who your customers are. But one thing almost all consumers have in common is a strong focus on price. So make yours competitive and attractive, using high-demand products at smart prices to draw in customers who may purchase additional products and services.
Another important tip is to be visible when customers are ready to buy what you offer. Search engine marketing is vital to increasing sales from new customers who know what they want to buy and are looking for the best place to buy it. Business owners are increasingly relying on paid search advertising as a primary acquisition tool since it ensures you’ll turn up at or near the top of search results, and search engine advertising can be just as effective for local businesses as for national ones.
As you develop your new marketing programs, consider the current age and gender divides and where your customers fit in. Both men and women 40 years and older are the most confident they can resist the temptation to spend now and worry later, the Decitica study shows. That holds true for consumers over 40 at all income levels. Women, who make the majority of all household purchases, have been greatly affected by their recession experiences, particularly those with less than $50,000 annual income.
No matter your target audience, whether male or female and across almost every income level, one thing is clear–the recession has created a new normal for American consumers, and there’s no turning back the clock.

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